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October 25, 2017
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January 12, 2018

Get Ready for the Summer Hummer June 14-17, 2018

By B.G. Shuter

So, the holidays are over … no more parties … no more stopping for one with the guys or gals to celebrate. The kids and grandkids are busy playing with the new toys yet, right? I mean they are playing with the toys, not just the box they came in. The returns are done, replacements purchased. The TV specials are done and over. No more reindeer or that round headed kid with the beagle trying to get into the spirit.

My favorite Holiday special growing up, I am not even sure if it runs anymore, was A Christmas Carol, starring the great actor Mr. Magoo. Everyone I am sure knows the back story of A Christmas Carol … and by now you’re thinking, “What in the Mr. Magoo does this have to do with The Summer Hummer?!?” Well it does: and for the first article here I am going to do a little Summer Hummer Past, Present and Future.

Some of the past history of the Summer Hummer is the lead in to these articles. My dear friend Bug was, I assume, a huge Zappa fan. Always leading the article with the lyrics of one of Franks songs. Well I am not that big of a fan of Zappa, preferring a little Alice Cooper, but no more lyrics in the articles, that was the Past (and a good past it was, but I don’t have Bug’s way with lyrics) … and the countdown is starting now to the future and the ABATE of Wisconsin Summer Hummer.

Present: the “Hummer” is scheduled to officially open on June 14th and ending on wee hours of June 17th. The committee has been working hard for the last few months starting with the basics and they are hitting the New Year with a full head of steam. Tents and bands are in the works along with some of the other needed doings. Got any ideas, want to join the committee, or just want to add your input? No problem. The meetings are held before the board meeting on the second Sunday of the month. If you cannot make the committee meeting share your questions, concerns and ideas you can give Robert Worm Grasse a call at 920-912-1789. So, have you got more energy than just making comments or concerns and want to help to make this party kick butt? You can give a Worm a call on that also. As we move forward we will have of all of Worm’s volunteer coordinator helpers along with contact information for questions and input. More helping hands and minds can make the party easier to create and operate.

The Future? This event belongs to all of you and we on the committee want it to be something you can be proud of. This committee’s goal is that all who attend this event have a great time. We want to continue to hear that the bands, vendors and grounds were fantastic. When people pull out of the grounds at the end of the event tired, maybe a little under the weather, they have always remarked the fun they had, and we want that to continue …

What can I tell you so far? A poker run is being set up along with the popular bike games. Treat your senses to the loud pipe contest and looking at the “show what you brung” bike show. Other events like the popular beer bobbing and the bikini bike wash are also being planned. We also want you to be able to kick back in a chair, relax and have a beverage of choice and reconnect with friends and make new friends from across the state.

We want to grow this event, filling up your land with tents and campers, and we need your help. We want more people to come and enjoy what we have to offer. Now is the time for you to mark down the dates and plan on attending. This year we will be bringing back the availability of a DAY PASS at the gate for any one day of the weekend. This makes it possible for people with other commitments during the weekend to join into the fun for a day. This is also the time for you to start talking with your relatives, friends and members in your region about the Summer Hummer – sharing the fun experiences you have had in the past at your event. And at the end of the conversation invite them, ask them, and beg them to your land and party. Have them try it one weekend and we promise to show them how to party the ABATE of Wisconsin way.

The Hummer Committee will have posters and other event materials ready by officers’ training to send home to the regions. Once it gets to your region, please help us get them posted and distributed around the state: See you June 14-15-16-17, 2018 at YOUR ABATE Acres!