Region 3B: Brown / Kewaunee / Door Counties

Regional Rep: Wes "Shoe" Schumacher

Secretary: Stephanie Kawula

Treasurer: Dawn Gustafson

Membership: Kris Kawula

Legislative: Cat Huntowski

Meetings: First Sunday of the month. See text for location.

Had our last face-to-face meeting for a while this month. We're going to be reporting legislative updates and local events on our "ABATE Region 3B" Facebook page for the winter. Sort of a "virtual meeting". Make sure to "like" our page so you can keep up with what's going on. Of course, read your newsletter and Steve Panten's Legislative Report for the latest buzz.

I admit it, I'm hibernating for a while. Got half a dozen bikes to get running! Anyone wants a sweet early 80's Gold Wing give me a call in the Spring - one even has a California sidecar.

If you'd like to go to Lobby Day in Madison on Tuesday, January 23, 2018 call Shoe or Cat at 920-857-9790 ASAP. Bus will probably leave about 8 am from the Ashwaubenon Bowling Alley (that's where it's left from for as long as I can remember but it could have changed) check this ABATE newsletter to verify or call District 3 Director Bob Aprill at 920-373-3668 - he's the Bus Captain for our area. If you want to drive down yourself meet at the CC Rider's Clubhouse (check newsletter for details) and catch a shuttle to and from the Capital - and of course we usually take a group photo at 12:30 somewhere on the Capital grounds (usually the State Street corner.)

Legislative talking points will be distributed on the buses and at the clubhouse but you don't have to talk, just show up - it's numbers that count. Also check with "Duke" Dequaine from 3A and Bob Aprill from 3C about appointments with legislators. When you check in at the Inn on the Park where you can find out when and where appointments are.

Also in the works is Officer's Training in Wisconsin Rapids at the Hotel Mead on February 9-10-11, 2018. If you're interested in taking a more active role in our Region please consider signing up. Rooms and mileage are paid for (have to attend all scheduled events and workshops - we check sign-in sheets) and most meals are provided. Call Shoe or Cat at 920-857-9790 if you want to register. There's lots to learn about how ABATE really works at the state and regional level and how things get decided. Never talked to anyone who's gone that didn't find it worthwhile!

Any problems with membership or newsletter call our Regional Membership Officer, Kris Kawula at 920-366-9080 or State Membership Director "Twit" Lindberg at 715-963-2635.

Also, if you're interested in being a "Share the Road" Instructor call Bill Kingsley at 262-391-9396 to get more information and training - you too can help young drivers learn to see motorcycles. A couple of hours out of your life could save someone else's.

Our officer elections confirmed the existing slate of officers so you're stuck with us until the next election!

Have a peaceful New Year and don't let politics make you too crazy - dream of riding and the open road.


P.S. - We've still got an grand ice shanty for sale - $500 takes it home. You and at least 6 friends and family can enjoy this baby with all the comforts of home (that is once you finish it.) Interior almost done just needs holes drilled and tubing for at least 4 fishing holes (included) installed. Call Kris at 920-366-9080 for more details and to arrange purchase.