Region 5A: Iron / Vilas / Price Counties

Regional rep: Chris Roth

Sec/Treas: Kathy Roth

Hello everyone. Thank you to the members who attended our meeting on December 16! Let's keep this rolling and bring District 5 back to the ABATE of WI fold!

We have scheduled another meeting on January 20 at 1pm at Hazelhurst Pub, 6617 Hwy 51 S. , Hazelhurst, WI. This meeting is open to BOTH 5A and 5B members as well as folks who might want to join. District 5 has been inactive for an extremely long time. We chose this location in hopes that it would be sort of centrally located for both regions. District 5 includes the following counties: Iron, Vilas and Price (5A) as well as Oneida, Forest and Lincoln (5B). So, as you can see, it is quite an area to cover, which means a lot of travel time for some. However, please make an attempt to come to the meeting or reach out to either Chris or myself with future suggestions for meetings, etc. But for now, this will be the 'go to' location on the 3rd Saturday of each month until further notice. Hope to see you there or hear from you with helpful suggestions on how to get this District back up and running. Thank you.