Region 7E: Juneau County

Regional Rep: Tuffy Burke

Treasurer: Lila Jensen

Legislative Rep: Dave VanDyke

Secretary: Rosie Gammon

Membership Rep: Emmy VanDyke

Meetings: 1st Thursday of the Month, 7pm at Roadhouse, Hwy. 21 E. Necedah

Next Meeting will be held Jan 4, 2018. Please note that the January 4 and February 1 meeting times will be 6pm (only these two months.) We are planning a Pot Luck meal for the January 4 meeting, please bring a dish to pass.

Meeting was called to order by Regional Rep Tuffy Burke. Pledge of Allegiance and a moment of Silence for our down brothers and sisters and those in harm's way was given. Thank You to all our Members that attended this meeting, Special thank you to our newest ABATE Members, Pat Toomey, and Earl Truwen. Thank you to those who have recently joined and those that have renewed your memberships.

Treasurer & Product Report was given by Lila; Membership Report was given by Emmy.

Legislative Report: Dave ROW Violations has been passed and signed by Governor Walker. Thank you for all the efforts getting this thru legislation. Dec 1st the Auto Cycle Bill is still in the works, it has been introduced and is moving forward. Mark your calendars. BIKER DAY (LOBBY DAY) has been moved to Tues Jan 23rd 2018. The bus will meet at BP Lyndon Station and take you to the Capital. The Bus time is 9:10am. Please do not be late. There is no charge for the bus, a tip for the driver is welcomed.

New Business: Holiday Parade is still ongoing. Come and enjoy. Region 7E will host the CHILI COOKOFF IN MARCH 2018, A date , time and place will be chosen next meeting.

Officer training is being held Feb 9, 10, 11th. Hotel Mead , Wisconsin Rapids is the place it will be held at.

Summer Hummer Sponsorships are out and available to anyone that would like to place an ad, for next year in June 2018.

Sweetheart Raffle tickets are available to win $ 1000,00 , $500.00, and $250.00. Drawing will be held Feb 11th at Officer Training. Tickets are 2 for $ 5.00.

A huge thank you to Rosie Gammon who has stepped up to be Region 7E's Secretary. We really appreciate her helping us out. She is experienced at this so I am sure she will do fine. Thank you again Rosie.

Anyone for ideas for a District fundraiser pass the ideas on to Dave VanDyke.

Sign in lost by Kristy Koca for not being signed in ...

Happy Glad's, Sad's, Merry Xmas, Happy New Year to all ... Congrats to all the members that are celebrating Old and New lives.

Happy Holidays,