Region 3A: Oconto / Marinette / Florence Counties

Regional Rep: Ryan "Duke" Dequaine

Area Reps

Gil St. Charles

Rick Chouinard

Mark Herr

Larry Lesneski

Treasurer/Area Rep: Rachel McGowan

Legislative Officers: Ryan "Duke" Dequaine

Regional Products: Carolyn Kittredge

Meetings: 1st Sunday, 1p.m. at Windmill Bar & Grill, 6949 HWY 22, Oconto Falls Meetings: 1st Sunday, 1p.m. at Windmill Bar & Grill, 6949 HWY 22, Oconto Falls

Greetings 3A! Now that the snow is on the ground and your bike is nestled away for the winter dreaming of nice weather and a never ending supply of gas, you might wonder what I should do to with my free time. Well, being a motorcyclist in Wisconsin is an all year commitment. How is that you say? To help ensure you can enjoy the freedom of the road, you can attend Lobby Day on Jan. 23 in Madison. Look for details in the newsletter on bus routes or attend the January 7 3A meeting to get up to date details on appointments with our legislators. Well, I like some fun with my responsibilities you say, you can attend the 3rd Traveling Meat Raffle on the Sobieski Strip on January 13 starting at noon North Chase B&G; 1:30pm at Old Crow B&G; 3pm at Kroll's; 4:30pm at Twisted Tap; 6pm at Racer's Rail & Grill. Check the event portion of the newsletter for full details.

Now that you have a couple things to do in January, what are you going to do in February? If you would like to get more involved in ABATE on a higher level, you could attend Officer's Training February 9-11th at Hotel Mead in WI Rapids. I want to be involved, but I'm not quite ready for that yet, how about I show my support through attending a local ABATE event. Great! You're in luck, our 4th Annual Chili Cook Off & Meat Raffle at Racer's Rail & Grill is happening on Feb. 17 starting at 1PM, after you get your chili on, you can rock into the night with 44 Audible playing after the cook off. You're going to need the rest of the month to recover, maybe even part of March. When you're ready to get back on the iron horse that kicked you off, you can make your way to the Amberg Pub for the second round of Chili Cook Offs on March 10th. What is better than somewhere to go two months in a row? Three and it is starting to get nice out, I'm hungry, and I want to let people know it is the start of motorcycle season. Ok then, make your way to Marinette at Lolli's for the 5th Triple C Riders / Region 3A Chili Cook Off and Awareness Rally on April 28th. It is May now, and since you have the bike ready to go, and are on a roll now, you might as well keep up the streak by attending the 15th Annual Buck Kittredge Memorial Ride on the May 19th. Look at that, you made your way through the winter blahs and are ready to make the most of your summer by checking out District 3 one stop at a time with the Summer Long Poker Run. Slow down, there has to be a finish line somewhere and you need to draw your poker run book, we have that covered too. The 4th Annual Summerpalooza party will be on Sep. 2; you can draw your hand(s) there and enjoy live music, food, beverages and rough camping. If you made it this far, you probably deserve some time to chill and throttle down. Until we ride again ...

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