Region 2H: Outagamie County

Regional Rep: Mary "Sweets" Sweetalla
920- 209-0461

Treasurer: Kimberly Sweetalla

Legislative: Looking for someone to fill this position

Products: Mary Gerrits

Meetings: see below, all meetings start at 7 pm

A big thank you to CJ Ritz for hosting the meeting this month. The sign in was a no for Jimmy Mc, hopefully we can get a winner soon! As it was discussed because of the low attendance that we will be picking until we have a winner at the February meeting due to the large amount in the sign in.

I will be looking for a secretary since our current secretary has stepped down, please consider helping run the region, I cannot do this alone, and need someone to help-out.

It had been brought up that due to the low attendance at the bi-annual ditch clean up that we will be contacting Outagamie County and discontinuing that event, Four or Six people (only ones that show up) cannot keep doing the work for a large region.

Our 20th Annual Summer Long Poker Run event will be held on October 6, 2018 at Rocky & Tara's Nut Haus. The letters to the establishments have been sent out, if you have an establishment that would like to get into the book, please contact Sweets ASAP so we can get them the paperwork. The bands have been discussed and confirmed.

Upcoming events with ABATE will be Lobby Day will be January 23, 2018.

Mark your calendars for the 2018 year of meeting places; January 9th will be at Peg & Tommy G's, February 13th at K-Town, March 13 at Lazy Dog's. I will be contacting bars to work on the remainder of the 2018 year. Hope to see more people there!

If anyone wishes to be on an e-mail list please contact Sweets by email (above) or check out the District 2 Facebook page for any updates of things happening in our region or District.

I know I have tried my best to keep things running smooth for the region, but things need to change or I will not continue to be the regional rep. I know I put a lot of time into the region but have stressed it many times, I cannot run this region alone, with the amount of people in this region and the amount that comes to the meetings is sad, if you wish to see things differently then let me know, come and voice your opinion, or give me a call.

Hoping everyone had a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!!

Mary "Sweets" Sweetalla