Region 3C: Shawano / Langlade / Menominee Counties

Regional Rep: Bruce Prellwitz

Shawano Area Rep: Wayne Ort

Langlade Co Area Rep: Robin Kemp

Legislative Officer: Bob Aprill

Meetings: Shawano meetings 1st Saturday of the month at 3 p.m. See text for locations. Langlade meetings also listed in text.

Hi Friends - A nice turn out for the meeting ... 31 June members in attendance. Would like to thank Lisa and her crew from Bourbon Creekne and Connie for having us. The meeting was started as usual with the flag pledge and a moment of silence for our downed Brothers and Sisters and anyone in harm's way. Pauline then gave the Treasurers report. Wayne & Robin then gave the membership report with 2 new members to report from Shawano County and no new members from Langlade County for this month. Bob then gave a Legislative report with not much going on right now. Christy then gave a Products report with not much to report. Fat Kat then gave a Share the Road Report with classes going on in Door County.

In Old Business: The first item I mentioned was the last Langlade County meeting at Not Bob's in Antigo on November 11th. There were 8 members in attendance.

On to New Business: I first talked about our Meat Raffle that we are having today and said we would start selling tickets now. We then decided to have another Meat Raffle at our February Meeting. I also mentioned that the Langlade group will be having a Poker Walk & Traveling Meat Raffle on Saturday January 13th following their meeting to begin at Boettcher's Bar in downtown Antigo. Posters are now available for this event. I then mentioned that the annual State Lobby Day will be held on January 23rd 2018. I then asked everyone to mark their calendars for these dates. I then mentioned that I have tickets available for The ABATE State Sweetheart Raffle and to see me after the meeting to purchase or get tickets to sell. I then said that Officer's Training would be held on February 9th -- 11th at the Hotel Mead in Wis. Rapids. Any Current Officers or anyone interested in becoming an Officer should see me after the meeting to register for this.

The January 6th meeting will be at Wayne's Place in Bonduel and the February 3rd meeting and Meat Raffle will be at the VFW Hall in Shawano.. Meeting times are always 3:00 in the afternoon.

Keep the Shiny Side Up!


Langlade County 3C ABATE News: Hi Everyone - Headed North for our meeting at 4 Pole Joes, thank you for having us. We started our meeting with Flag pledge and moment of silence for down Brothers and Sisters. There was 10 people in attendance. We opened the meeting with Pauline giving Treasurer's and Publicity Report all is good. Bob gave Legislative & District Director Report not much going we are getting geared up for lobby days. I gave Membership Report with no new members for Langlade county. Christy gave Products Report all is good with items to sell. Sue gave STR Report with a meeting in February.

Not much for old Business we talked about our meeting at Not Bobs and Shawano County's meat raffle which brought in good amount of money for ABATE. We then moved onto New Business on January 13th Langlade will be having their walking meat raffle that will start after are 1:00pm meeting at Boettcher's Bar in downtown Antigo we will be going to Three Jokers, Smitty's, The Taphouse, and Animals with cards to be drawn at Beer 30 no later than 7pm it sure to be a great hope to see a lot of people there.

We then talked about Lobby Day on January 23rd which is always a great trip to Madison to meet with are Representatives and get things done. We also talked about officers training with a few members going there will be no Langlade County Meeting February 10th members will be attending officers training our March 10th meeting will be at Thirsty Bear.