Our "Legislative" Committee

Update to the ABATE of Wisconsin Officer Manual
2010 by Dave Dwyer, Legislative Committee Chair

ABATE of Wisconsin Legislative Committee

The "ABATE of Wisconsin Legislative Committee is responsible for formulating and presenting our Federal and State legislative agenda to the ABATE Board of Directors (BOD) for approval. Upon approval, the committee is then charged with acting on the agenda. This includes pressing for passage of legislation beneficial to motorcyclists, and the defeat of laws and bill detrimental to motorcyclists, both in Wisconsin, and nation-wide.

The Legislative Committee meets monthly, just prior to our BOD meeting. All ABATE members are welcome to join the committee, or just sit in on our monthly meetings. This is your organization, we value your input. Interested members can also reach out to individual members of the Committee through our email and phone numbers listed in the newsletter for answers, to raise concerns or to make suggestions.

On the federal level we work closely with the Motorcycle Riders Foundation (the MRF) Vice-president of Government Relations to coordinate the timing of our Washington D. C. lobby trips with the other SMROs from around the country. Where possible, we work with the American Motorcyclist Association, (AMA) Government Relations staff, both in Washington D. C. and those headquartered in Ohio.

We encourage ABATE members to attend the regional Heartland STEAM and national Meeting Of The Minds conferences to expose themselves to the many SMRO focused training opportunities being offered. Examples include; Running an Effective Meeting, Building Membership, Building Relationships and Working with Your Legislators.

The Legislative Committee is responsible for coordinating the efforts of our members when lobbying in Madison and Washington D. C. We send out Action Alerts to call our membership to action, asking members to contact their Legislators in person, with phone calls, email and letters. We also plan for a Lobby Day in Madison annually and when any pressing need arises. All members are encouraged to attend these and gain experience working with and talking to their elected representatives. We make every effort to have enough experienced members present to accompany members to their appointments if they prefer to not go alone.

The participation of all members of ABATE of WI in our legislative process is vital to our continued success. To help lead our members into action the position of Regional Legislative Coordinator has been developed. This person is the key link between the Legislative Committee and the members at Region meetings. They are the first to receive new information so they have the latest details to share at their Region meetings. Regional Reps that are not comfortable with the Legislative process, or that do not have the time needed because of their other duties, are encouraged to fill this position with an interested member and to encourage them to take advantage of our Grassroots Lobbying training when it is offered.