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Climb Aboard the M.E.A.T. Wagon!
By Rebel

Hey all ... it is beginning to get closer to riding season and this means we need to continue to spread the word to motorists that we are among them on the roads! That also means the M.E.A.T (Motorcycle Education & Awareness Trailer) is pounding the pavement throughout Wisconsin and surrounding states. Many know me and how passion I am to educate the motoring public on ABATE of Wisconsin's mission of maintaining our freedoms of the highway along with educating and making other motorist aware that they "Share the Road" with us bikers. My enthusiasm has been elevated this year due to the fact I lost a very close friend of mine, Mark who was hit head on and killed by a motorist in a hurry ... passing in a no passing zone last August. That young lady's decision and her unwillingness to be patient to pass in a safe passing zone took the life of a business owner, a boss, an up standing citizen of East Troy, a father, a brother and very giving friend who will always be missed and never forgotten.

With that said and fellow ABATE of WI members that know me, I like to "think outside of the box". Not only do I want you to contact me on events you feel the M.E.A.T. would stand out and create some talk, I want ALL ABATE of WI members to consider supporting the events that the M.E.A.T is attending. Maybe get your region to do a group ride to support the event. Some are near, some are far BUT the more members at an event the more our message of "LOOK TWICE and SAVE A LIFE" will be absorbed! Many know how I like to "party" as well as "preach" SO I PROMISE THAT ANY and ALL the events the M.E.A.T. will be attending will be a BLAST! Let us also show the motoring public that we "LOOK OUT FOR OUR OWN" and all want to grow OLD TOGETHER!

Below is the start of the list of the events the M.E.A.T will be attending in 2017. I will continue to update the schedule in each month's newsletter. Feel free to contact me at 414-640-6125 if you have an event you would like the M.E.A.T to be at OR for any other questions you may have.

Party hard BUT always Ride Safe!


2/23/2017 Lobby Day-Madison THANK YOU TO ALL WHO CAME!

4/22/2017 Region 1F "Snack Down" & "Toss your Washer Tournament"

4/23/2017 KMC HOG Chapter "swap meet" (Waukesha WI)

5/6/2017 Region 1H Awareness Rally

5/7/2017 Road Runner's MC Bike Blessing (Oak Creek WI)

5/20/2017 Rustic Road Ride (Delevan WI)

6/3/2017 "Marshfield Days" (Marshfield WI)

6/4/2017 "Dairy Days" (Thorp WI)

6/15-6/18/2017 ABATE of WI "Summer Hummer" (Greenwood WI)

7/4/2017 4th of July in Region 3C

8/20/2017 Ixonia parade

8/26/2017 "5th Annual Ultimate Backyard Party" (Waukesha WI)

9/14-9/17 Tomahawk Fall Ride (Bubba's Campground)

Rebel. "Climb Aboard the M.E.A.T. Wagon!." ABATE of Wisconsin Newsletter Apr. 2017.

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