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ABATE Acres Report: Thank You!!
By Patrick Sheridan, Land Committee Chairman

That's about all there is to say to all of the people that helped prepare ABATE Acres for the Summer Hummer. Your hard work and many of hours of time do not go unappreciated.

It is plain to see that all of the improvements made to the land over the past several years are working out. Improvements like drain tile in the vendor area, mowing all of the camper area and culverts in the roads, down to the many hours spent rolling with the 2-1/2 ton lawn roller really paid off. With 2-1/2" of rain falling Saturday night of the event, only a few campers where in need of a pull. Most got out without cutting a track. Since there is not a multitude of ruts to repair, we will be able to move on to improvements in other areas.

I have had several people make the comment, "How come you didn't call me when you needed help?" The long and short of it is we are way too busy to spend time running down a phone list to find help. If you have a free weekend or will be in the area, give Pogie or myself a call. There is someone around most weekends. If not we can be reached by the phone #'s listed in this newsletter and we will get you set up with whatever equipment gassed up and ready to go.

As Always, thank you to the members for all your help and support of ABATE ACRES.

Sheridan, Patrick. "ABATE Acres Report: Thank You!!." ABATE of Wisconsin Newsletter Aug. 2017.

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