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Summer Hummer Wrap-up
By Cheryl Sheridan, for the Summer Hummer Committee

The 2017 Summer Hummer is now in the record books. All of the raffle winners were on the front page of the July issue of the newsletter. As the financial totals are coming in the event over all appears to have been profitable again this year. A huge THANK YOU goes out to all of the department heads and volunteers, without all of your hard effort this event would never take place.

The Summer Hummer always seems like the start of summer, not just because the days are longer every day, but because of the sounds of 100's of bikes all converging to ABATE acres. The property was ready this year, looking better than ever. Most of the event saw good weather, except for the storm Saturday night, so everyone had a chance to partake in all of the activities the weekend had to offer.

Thursday started the steady stream of bikes, the grounds came to life with campers and tents alike. It is amazing to watch an open piece of land actually turn into a "city" for the weekend. Tuck Pence graced the stage Thursday night and again gave a terrific performance. He even signed the new stage as the first performer on something we will be able to use for years to come.

Friday brought in even more bikes and campers, some coming from Minnesota and Iowa, as well as many of the St Croix Valley riders. It is great to see so many different groups at the event. The activities started in full force; the bikini bike wash again raised money for ABATE acres and had several bikers waiting for the babes to give their bikes a soapy scrub. We also offered all new this year the dunk tank, on Friday & Saturday- what a surprise that "Aqua Man" aka- Jerry Mann was the first person to test out the water. Several of the Board of Directors took their turn in the tank along with many other volunteers. Some of the swim attire was pretty interesting. You wouldn't think people still wear long underwear in the summer time, right Pat Sheridan? There were even lines waiting to throw when Chubby and Steve Panten took their turns on the "hot" seat. In all the tank raised over $800.00, all for new trees at the property. Thanks to all that volunteered to be dunked for a good cause!

As always, the beer bobbing is great to watch. It is amazing to see people stick their heads in ice cold water just to get a free beer. We had several participants, with quite a few new people taking the plunge. We got our first view of the bar stool races as well, which was also a two night event. Worm maybe you should leave the racing to the professionals? The group photo was another new event, it was cool to see everyone in front of the M.E.A.T. truck. I know some people missed it because it was a beautiful time to ride.

Saturday brought the tattoo contest, bike show & loud pipes contest, it is great to see all of the ways people express themselves and are able to be individuals. Then there were the bike games: it is so fun to watch stuffed animals be picked up with a fish net while the bike is moving or a bunch of women have to pick their shoe out of the pile in the middle of the lawn, watching one throw another women's shoe so she would have to chase it and be slowed down getting to back to their bike. I thought all of these games were just for fun? Of course there were great outfits again this year: the tropical bunch, the flowered ladies and the "cops & robbers"- not sure where you even get an orange jump suit, without actually going jail?

The music on Friday and Saturday night was very entertaining, featuring In the Groove, The Spicy Tie Band, Bobby Evans & the Alimony Blues Band and finally Lukyn Skywyrd. There was a nice variety to choose from. Several people took advantage of the dance area under the big tent. There were rumors of a possible country band next year? People are being asked this year to fill out a short survey. The survey will be available at your area meetings, so we can find out what things you liked, disliked or didn't care about. Please take a moment to fill these out and be as honest we want to make this the best event around - your feed back will help us do that. Finally, as always help is wanted for next year - start planning with us now!

The Summer Hummer Committee

Sheridan, Cheryl. "Summer Hummer Wrap-up." ABATE of Wisconsin Newsletter Aug. 2017.

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