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Thanks for a Great Year at ABATE Acres
By Patrick Sheridan

Land closing 2017 was another successful event at ABATE Acres. We actually had people leaving early due to the work list being finished! Everything well done by a great crew!

I would like to not only thank all the volunteers that make the land awesome, but pass along some of the comments I have been receiving throughout the year. From the time we planted the trees in early spring, to the Summer Hummer and every BOD meeting since. The main comment is that the land has never looked better. I always say thank you for these comments, but the truth is it takes a team to accomplish this. Anyone helping in any area at ABATE Acres should take pride in the fact that the majority of the membership is extremely happy with the job we are doing.

Next year will be a busy year with all the trees to plant and keep watered until they get established. With each improvement I hope you all look around and say "I was part of that!"

The only formal events at the land are the Summer Hummer in June and Family Campout on August, but there are so many other weekends that can be enjoyed at the property. Take a look as you are planning your 2018 schedule and try to fit a few days in to take advantage of a place you can truly call your own.

Anyone with property improvement ideas over the cold season, please get them to someone on the land or Hummer committee and we will talk about them. Thank You again!

Sheridan, Patrick. "Thanks for a Great Year at ABATE Acres." ABATE of Wisconsin Newsletter Dec. 2017.

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