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Share the Road Report
By Bill Kingsley 

"It is your responsibility to turn your head and look for motorcycles in your blind spot." - Steve Williams

First off ... Thank you to Rebel and Melinda Gasser (1F) / BFBC Charities for your donation of $1,000 to Share The Road. This donation came from proceeds of the Burn Camp Run and other "Rebel Events". This hard-earned donation is going directly towards purchasing presentation folders for our STR program.

And ... Thanks again to all our STR Instructors and District Coordinators!

STRI Training. Will be held on April 1st and 2nd at Hotel Mead in Wisconsin Rapids, WI. Meeting will start at 12 Noon sharp. On Saturday, will have training throughout the afternoon. Dinner will be provided. We will continue into the early evening and then have plenty of time to network and socialize. We will continue training on Sunday morning and focus on presentation hardware, internet and cloud based information. There are going to be many updates, presentation tips, new hardware, handouts, etc. in this program. This is a great opportunity to share your teaching experiences and share your knowledge. Be ready for dynamic discussions. It has been a couple of years since the last training class so this one will be action packed.

LODGING: ABATE will reimburse for your room on Saturday night. Attendance at the Saturday and Sunday sessions is mandatory for reimbursement. This offer is only good for the cost of a basic room - extra charges for a specialty room will be your responsibility, as are phone or other charges to your room. As always, it is encouraged to put 2 or more attendees to a room if possible. You must make your own reservations and guarantee your room with your own credit card BEFORE MARCH 10th! To do so, call the Hotel Mead at 1-800- 843-6323 - make sure to mention ABATE to get our low rates.

Please let me or your STR DC [know] that you are attending and who you are sharing your room with or that you need a person to share a room with.

If you are part of the STR Program or have interest in becoming involved -- at any level, this is the program for you. I look forward to everyone attending.

STR Forms / Video / PowerPoint. The most current forms and PowerPoint are now cloud based. Contact me to gain access these documents. The STR video is available on DVD and on YouTube. This PowerPoint is available on YouTube. You can easily find these two training presentations on YouTube by typing in "ABATE of Wisconsin" in the search window. These videos should be at the top of the results list.

The STR DVD is available through the Share The Road District Coordinators (DCs) or myself. Contact us if you need a copy.

STR Presentation Hardware. I now have laptops, LED projectors, flash drives, etc. The new laptops run the latest operating system and are Wi-Fi ready. This equipment can run the 2014 PowerPoint presentation which we previously had some issues with and should work well in most class rooms.

We still need laptops and presentation projectors for our Instructors. If you have a laptop or presentation projector that you no longer use the STR Program will put your old device to good use. I would certainly appreciate it - as would any of our STRI in need. Contact one of our STRI, DC or me to donate your equipment.

STRI / District Coordinators. District Coordinator Positions open in Districts 1, 2, 5 and 8. If you are interested please contact me.

Please contact your STRI -- current and past to promote their attendance at the April STR training program. Thank!

STRI Gear. There are t-shirts, denim & twill shirts, fleece pullovers, hats, etc. all with the exclusive STRI logo. The gear is available in men's and women's styles and sizes. Please contact Stephanie or Dawn (Products Directors) or I for the flyer and to place an order.

One last thing ... The only notifications for the Share The Road training program in April will be here in our Newsletter and word of mouth. Please help spread the word and include this information at your Region's meetings. Thank you!

See you at the next Big One ... 

Kingsley, Bill. "Share the Road Report." ABATE of Wisconsin Newsletter Mar. 2017.

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