Marketing Abate
By Doris Weber, Mark Jorgensen 

Happy glorious spring! As we write this article the weekend weather calls for 50 to 55 degree days, with the promise of a warm spring and summer. How many of you will take the bike out and ride this weekend? When you feel the wind in your face and breathe the fresh air will you appreciate the feeling of freedom on the road? Of course you will because you are a member of ABATE and you have worked hard to insure that you can enjoy this riding experience.

ABATE has completed the 2017 Officer Training Conference during the second weekend of February. At this training your regional leadership team was given a bin that was filled with many marketing pieces to assist you in promoting your events for this year. Some of the materials are samples (give away) that can be ordered in bulk at Available to order are: pens, wristbands, can cozies, bumper stickers, and kickstand pucks. We ask that you identify the event(s) you plan to use them at and how many are needed. You will also hear of our two new ABATE tents that were displayed at Officers Training. They are very well constructed and have the ABATE logo on both sides of the tent. If regions wish to use them they will need to make arrangements to pick them up from the Milwaukee area and will be on a first served basis. We believe these tents will be a popularly requested item (from ), so we require a quick return so that other regions can have access to them.

Have you noticed the many social media postings (Facebook) on the ABATE of Wisconsin site? We have started to aggressively engage in social media to promote regional events and state activities on our Facebook site, as well as linking them to other motorcycle entities sites. Please continue to send your event flyers to to have them posted on Facebook.

This month's marketing tip is, when visiting your local restaurant and/or bar ask them if they would like some ABATE's coasters. We have been informed that bars are not receiving coasters from beverage distributors and could use a supply. This is a great way to provide more exposure to potential new members.

Till next time, enjoy the pleasant spring time weather and the promise of a nice warm summer for riding. Ride free and safely.

Jorgensen, Doris Weber, Mark. "Marketing Abate." ABATE of Wisconsin Newsletter Mar. 2017.

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