Marketing Report
By Doris Weber and Mark Jorgensen 

It has been an interesting month for Harley-Davidson enthusiasts. There has been a series of articles detailing the reduction of touring bike production and the of HD workforce. Harley has rolled out a multitude of urban and cruiser models in pursuit of a changing marketplace. They are recognizing that one of the most under-served customer demographics is women. Data supports the marketing shift as their previous primary market of white males over 50 is dwindling. Harley is strategically positioning their marketing communication and product lines to attract more females to their brand. The message being conveyed is "empowerment" of women and building their confidence to ride.

We in marketing are asking does ABATE of Wisconsin approach beginner and accomplished women riders in an empowering/supportive way so that they join? Our organization has many strong confident female members, one of which is co-authoring this article. But what is the percentage of female to male members within our organization? Could we do a better job of connecting with the growing population of female riders? We know many accomplished women (years of experience/miles) that will not consider joining ABATE as it is "an old boys club". From their perspective it is a reality. So how is ABATE perceived by the female riding population? These are questions we should ask our current female members and non-members. What do we do well and where can we improve when recruiting from the female population? Constructive criticism is not a bad but necessary thing. Consider discussing this at your regional meetings and/or ask female stakeholders their thoughts and let us know.

In closing, many regions have completed their recruitment activities for 2017. Congratulations on your successes and thank you for all your hard work for ABATE. Please have your regional rep contact for the promotional items (including the pop-up tent) for your planned 2018 events. Till then ride safe and ride free!

Weber, Doris, and Mark Jorgensen. "Marketing Report." ABATE of Wisconsin Newsletter Oct. 2017.

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