Marketing Report
By Mark Jorgensen and Doris Weber 

I (Mark) had the opportunity to ride through the states of Virginia, North Carolina and Tennessee on the way to the Southern Backroads HOG Rally. My vest carries ABATE of Wisconsin and HOG patches of various acknowledgements and accomplishments. My vest drew attention because I was from a northern state HOG chapter, and because of my ABATE affiliation. I had the opportunity to talk to some of the SMRO members (including ABATE Tennessee and North Carolina) about their challenges in defending the freedom to ride. I especially voiced my dislike of wearing a helmet (Tennessee and North Carolina are helmet required states). They acknowledged the accomplishments of ABATE Wisconsin and that they viewed our organization as a benchmark for success. The point to make here is that we do not take enough credit for the 40 plus years of hard work in protecting motorcyclist freedoms. We have down played making Wisconsin a helmet free state. We do this because younger populations of riders take pride in the customization and use of their helmets. Is this a disservice to our organization? The marketing committee needs to look into our current media that communicate our successes, show our strengths, and our guardianship role in freedom rights. The creation of a simple list of major legislative victories would help in validating our importance to the motorcycling public. How often have we heard "What is ABATE"?

We in marketing take great delight in reading about all the diverse regional activities and events during the riding season. Everything from shooting tournaments, bike nights and poker runs are scheduled by our hard working regions. Many have requested supplies and the use of the popup tents for their events. There is a prescribed protocol to request giveaways (koozies, brochures, wristbands, etc) from marketing. Each region received a bin containing all the marketing materials in the state inventory. Regional members should first contact their regional rep to receive marketing items as necessary. If the region has run out, then the regional rep should contact the marketing department to replenish their supplies. This protocol also applies to the new popup tents. Tents should be reserved as soon as the event is scheduled. Last minute requests are hard to fulfill because the tents are already in use by other regions. This protocol helps the marketing department manage the inventories based on demand. Thank you for your cooperation and adherence to this protocol. Till next time, ride safe and ride free.

Weber, Mark Jorgensen and Doris. "Marketing Report." ABATE of Wisconsin Newsletter Aug. 2017.

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