Marketing Abate
By Doris Weber & Mark Jorgensen 

It feels like the fair weather riding season has finally arrived. There are more motorcycles on the road, early rallies and bike nights gearing-up or underway. There are so many product, service and entertainment providers attempting to tap into the lucrative biker culture. More businesses are entering an already crowded biker lifestyle marketplace. Why? Businesses realize some serious revenue from these events. Their marketing approach usually involves partying (sex appeal and/or alcohol), a sense of biker community, or the feeling of freedom one feels when riding a motorcycle. So what is ABATE of Wisconsin's marketing proposition statement? I like to think it doesn't revolve around partying. But, achieving a sense of community for ABATE members and supporting their freedom to ride; which is within our organization's mission and core values. So our marketing proposition statement should be: "we are a unified voice speaking out to protect our freedom to ride". We fight against totalitarian enactments or in layperson's terms: "we don't like being told what to do by people/entities who abuse their authority". This statement isn't exceptionally sexy but is powerful. A hypothesis could be: "That the motorcycle rallies and bike nights would not be as successful (not attended) if the right to ride free was infringed. Examples of infringement could be: forcing specific riding gear, profiling, non-alcoholic restrictions and limited hours of event operation (daytime only). So when you, as an ABATE member, attend rallies and bike nights, inform other bikers on the importance of ABATE and the need for them to become a member to continue their enjoyment of the biker culture.

Speaking of rallies, ABATE of Wisconsin is sponsoring the 3rd annual Brewtown Rumble held on Sunday June 4th, on the streets surrounding the historic Pabst Brewery (901 W. Juneau Ave.).This is a bike show event that will have in attendance hundreds of vintage bikes, vendors, food and music; all to supports the Build Moto Mentor Program. This is great exposure for ABATE of Wisconsin through social media postings, event banners and table space at the event. Look for the new ABATE pop-up tent! Expect event observations and results in future newsletters. Until then, ride safe and ride free!

Jorgensen, Doris Weber & Mark. "Marketing Abate." ABATE of Wisconsin Newsletter Jun. 2017.

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