Marketing Report
By Doris Weber and Mark Jorgensen 

We are deep into winter and temperatures have been hovering around zero. But the ABATE of Wisconsin regions are heating up with the planning and holding of winter and spring events. We in marketing would like to assist in your region by posting your events on the ABATE of Wisconsin Facebook page. Please send ABATE your event flyer at and it will be posted to give your region more visibility. We will be explaining a new procedure for the marketing committee working together with the newsletter editor to promote your regional events at this month's Officer Training and we look forward to meeting with many of you there.

There is an article in the February, 2017 issue of Thunder Press, written by Catherine Palmer titled "Joining Forces to Do Good". The article summarizes a toy run facilitated by ABATE of Florida. It was a very successful event in part due to ABATE Florida uniting some of the local clubs to assist in the event thereby producing greater success. The article also provides a historical perspective of ABATE nationwide as a "grassroots" biker rights organization; that is founded on activism from passionate members. We are "preaching to the choir", but ABATE of Wisconsin has done these kinds of civic oriented events throughout its history. But do we "market" these community- benefit activities? When having conversations with others outside of ABATE, make sure you inform them of the good work we do for our communities. Yes, we work hard to protect our rights to ride free; but we also spend time, money and effort to better the community in which we live. Perhaps sharing the news of ABATE's good works will assist in diminishing instances of biker profiling by the general public.

Lastly, as mentioned in the previous month's newsletter ABATE of Wisconsin is a sponsor for the 2017 Mama Tried Bike Show. We are looking for assistance in working our table at the bike show on Saturday, February 18th and Sunday the 19th. Please e-mail your interest and availability at . Thank you for your consideration and stay warm with thoughts of future riding.

Jorgensen, Doris Weber and Mark. "Marketing Report." ABATE of Wisconsin Newsletter Feb. 2017.

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