Deputy Director

Deputy Director Report
By John Reblin 

Did you make your resolution for the New Year? Many people on New Year's make some sort of promise to make a change, something personal or changing a habit of some sort, usually to the better: you know, setting a personal goal.

New Year's Eve for me was a quiet day and evening puttering around, doing some chores. Along with my lovely bride, we were home most of the day and the evening getting to bed at a reasonable hour. While working in the garage the local channel was running Apollo 13 for I think most of the day. I saw the last hour of one showing, remembered how much I enjoyed the movie and stayed tune for another running watching the whole movie, while working on my tractor.

I, like many of you grew up during the moon race, and remember the landing on the moon. I got up during the night and listened to Walter Cronkite and others talk about the landing, the dangers and the pride of the country. I also remember the explosion Apollo 13 had on the way to the moon and the world watching. The goal of NASA, getting the astronauts of Apollo 13 back safely. The awe and achievement felt by Americans, as we put a man on the moon "we can do anything" was felt by many. Facing the possible failure of getting 3 men back safely loomed large, failure was not an option.

Watching this movie to me made perfect sense on New Year's Eve. It was the story of setting goals: getting to the moon and back safely. Going to the moon was a 10-year effort, starting with small vehicle launches, getting a person up and back, then to orbit the earth. Making a larger vehicle, adding more people into the capsule. And then starting the actual mission to the moon. All planned steps, weighing risk to accomplishment to achieve a goal. Same with getting the Apollo 13 team back, it was all small steps. They needed to access the damage, work on correcting the situation, and get them back alive.

Isn't that what we all do on New Year's Day: set goals that we attempt to make? Whether it is losing weight, quitting smoking, or earning more money whatever your resolution is, you need to accomplish this in steps. You are not going to lose the weight overnight. It is a pound here, half a pound there. Quitting smoking, it is a minute or an hour at a time resisting the urge, finding other things to do. Changing your financial picture, also is small steps to achieve your goals. Will you fail? Maybe. But think of these as small setbacks and try again. Hopefully with support you achieve your goals.

It is the same within ABATE of Wisconsin: we set goals, some are pretty lofty, and we obtain those goals in small steps. The goals set by ABATE of Wisconsin are taken up by different groups, Financial, Legislative, Highway Safety along all the other committees are working hard to achieve the primary goal of defending your right to ride free. We all look for help within and outside of this organization to achieve these goals. Working together all making small steps we work at obtaining the organizations goals.

February 10-11-12 we are working with those in our organization who, along with others will help achieve those goals. I am talking about Officers Training. We are bringing in members from across the state to show them how "we" do things in the organization, sharing ideas, knowledge and hopefully setting the thought within some of the attendees of being our future leadership. Some good ideas and challenges have come from Officer's Training from our members. These training sessions are crafting the future of this organization.

Outside of ABATE of WI - Secretary Gottlieb has stepped down from the Department of Transportation. Depending on who you listen to the story varies. The new Secretary is David Ross and I do not know much about him except he is mindful of dollars spent, "I look forward to hitting the ground running and continuing to serve as a strong taxpayer advocate for Governor Walker in this new role" was quoted in an on-line article. Talking with Steve Panten our Legislative Committee Chair, we hope to set up a meeting with him soon to introduce ourselves and ABATE of WI to him.

I hope to see you at Officers Training.

Reblin, John. "Deputy Director Report." ABATE of Wisconsin Newsletter Feb. 2017.

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