Summer Fun Means Success in Fall
By Steve Panten 

Now we wait ... but the work is not done. The State Legislature has ended the session until fall except for budget or emergency items, so our bills will have to wait. This will give us an opportunity to meet with our legislators in the district every chance that we can to keep our agenda items in their mind all summer ... yep ... all summer. Every time they are at a meeting, or a community picnic or parade, we will need to be in front of them. Not in a stalker, harassing way but as a voice in the back of your head kinda way. What we do in the next two months is very important for our success in the fall.

We were close to having a floor vote on our ROW violations bill before the session ended. I want to thank everyone that saw the alert that was sent out and made the phone calls. The Assembly had a lot of bills that were ready for a vote and we ran out of time. Our job for the summer ... how does your representative stand on making safer roads through education? When you run into them this summer, ask them their position on Rep. Brandtjen and Senator Olsen's ROW violations bill.

We are closer to setting up a meeting with the Auto Manufacturing companies to discuss our Vehicle Recording Device Bill. There is talk that the meeting may happen in August which works great for our schedule. This meeting will be very important in trying to get the legislators to understand what we are trying to accomplish and to eliminate the confusion that is being circulated. It is very important that we try to get as many different organizations there as possible. If you are involved in a group that cares about privacy please let them know about the meeting ... oh yea ... I will have to let you know as soon as it is scheduled so please watch your ABATE alerts and emails. Stay tuned ... 

Our Autocycle bill is still looking for a Senate lead. If you are wondering what to talk to your Senator about while you are walking in a parade with them showing your support, this is a good one. We are hoping that we may be able to include our language in a larger bill if we can find one that makes sense. I am not sure where the pressure is coming from to prevent this from moving so if you have anyone in a leadership position representing you, be sure to visit them this summer.

You can see that there is a theme for this summer, we still have work to do. The legislature will have many bills in front of them when they go back in session this fall and we need to keep ours in the front of their minds. Our Representatives will be out and about shaking hands and kissing babies this summer so they will be easy to find. But if you want to make a larger impact, sign up for their weekly email reports and find out what parades they are going to be at. Then show up and ask if they need help handing out information. They will appreciate it and it shows that we are willing to work with them. This holds true for both sides of the Madison aisle. The party that is not in control this year, could be next year so we need to support them both. Remember that when the Assembly Committee voted on our ROW violations it was a party line vote. We need to reach those that voted against it this summer to make sure that they will support it this fall.

Let's keep the pressure on even though Madison is relatively quiet this time of year and lets have fun with it. Taking your motorcycle to a community picnic to watch a local band is not a bad way to spend a day. And be sure to show that you are a member of this country's best Motorcycle Rights Organization by wearing your ABATE clothes.

That's it ... 

Panten, Steve. "Summer Fun Means Success in Fall." ABATE of Wisconsin Newsletter Aug. 2017.

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