Safety Report
By Gary Klinker 

Happy Riding Season! It seems like once winter left spring really came fast. With the BMW Owners mileage contest starting April 8 I have been working on a good year. I also picked up some extra miles by scouting some boni (plural for bonus) for the Bonzai Road Rally that will be based again this year from La Crosse over Memorial Day weekend. Check it out at:  (Glacial Lakes Motorcycle Club) It will be great fun on some of the best roads in the Midwest. You still have time to join the fun.

The Safe Rider schedule is filling at a very good pace. As of today's writing we have five BRC classes full and three more 1/2 filled. The new registration system is working well but there is still a learning curve for us. I would appreciate any feedback from students who have registered for a class and have experience from that end of the process.

In March I had the pleasure of attending the 2E Bike Show and seeing a lot of friends, both old and new. It was like getting a jump on summer activity and travel. I want to thank the entire region for their generous donation to the Safe Rider program. It is very much appreciated. Speaking of Bike Shows, I hope you all made it to the Region 7D show in Tomah.

I'd also like to send out a thank you to the USA Pride Swap Meet in Wausau for their generous donation to the Safe Rider Program from this year's event.

We may have just entered the riding season, but there are three motorcycle fatalities that I have heard about. We are the people who can do something about this. Yes, we can educate the public and new drivers. Yes, we can train as many riders as possible, both new and experienced. But it is still up to each and every one of us as riders to keep our skills sharp, pay attention when we ride, stay sober, and wear protective gear. We can lead by example.

I said I would have a product review, but there was a problem with the new electronic unit. I worked with the tech people and ended up returning it for a different unit. I'll have to keep you in suspense until next month. How's that for making you want to read this column? Until then, ride safe, stay sober when you ride, and be a good example.

Ride Safe ... 

Klinker, Gary. "Safety Report." ABATE of Wisconsin Newsletter May. 2017.

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