Safety Report
By Gary Klinker 

Since many of you may not even see this until you get home from Sturgis, I'll just say be careful and have a good time and a safe trip. For those of you not heading west there is still a lot of riding time and plenty of roads right here in Wisconsin to occupy your time. My two week trip in June that included mountain riding in Virginia, Tennessee, and North Carolina was cut short by a couple days. I wanted to get home for the funeral of a friend and tropical storm Cindy was approaching the area so we headed home.

The storm did catch up to us and we got plenty of rain riding practice in Kentucky and Indiana. As I have said before riding in the rain can be safe if you have rain gear that keeps you comfortable and dry and good tires that give good wet weather traction. Visibility is the biggest problem, but good lighting to help you be seen and a full coverage helmet to keep rain out of your face go a long way to making it home safely. Just before the trip I put on a set of new to the market tires, Dunlop Sportmax Roadsmart III. They are supposed to have very good rain qualities, and they worked just fine. Now they have 5K miles and still are holding up well.

The Wisconsin Motorcycle Safety Program had scheduled a Personal Development Workshop- a seminar for Rider Coaches- at our range at Fort McCoy in July, but lack of enrollment cancelled the event. All rider coaches must attend a PDW periodically to maintain our certifications. Last week I went to the range to haul a couple bikes for repair and the State Patrol motor officers were holding a training day. It was very interesting to watch and listen to their debriefings.

Our training season for the BRC2 is concluded, and we are holding BRC classes until the end of August. The season has gone well and we are already thinking about next season. I should have some stats and a wrap-up in the October Newsletter and for State Meeting.

I'll close with a suggestion for a good road trip for any of you looking for something different. I just got back this afternoon from an overnight trip with Shawn and riding buddy Jonathan. We went to Duluth taking a lot of back roads. Riding in northern Wisconsin is great, even with the lack of hills and curves that we have closer to home. The reason for the trip-besides going for a ride-was to get measured for a new riding jacket. Many of you know I speak highly of Aerostich products, . Their store in Duluth is a great destination for a trip. The people are very friendly and helpful. They have greatly expanded the showroom since I was there last and they will give tours. The manufacturing/sewing area is on the second floor and there is a huge selection of gear and gadgets to look through. The front of the building has huge murals that make good backdrops for photos. There are many good restaurants in the area also. Depending on where you live it could be a fine day trip or overnighter. Whatever you do, ride safe and remember that every ride is a chance to practice and improve your skills.

Ride Safe ... 

Klinker, Gary. "Safety Report." ABATE of Wisconsin Newsletter Aug. 2017.

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