Safety Report
By Gary Klinker 

Here we are, stuck in the Wisconsin winter. For those of us who love to ride it can be very depressing. With Thanksgiving behind us most people are looking forward to, or dreading Christmas. The deer gun season is past. Hopefully we removed a large number of killer animals from the roadways for the coming riding season. The bow season runs for another month, but most hunters I know don't like to bow hunt when it is so cold. It was bad enough in November when the temperature set new lows.

As for the Safe Rider program, we are working on behind the scenes things for the next season. There will probably be many fewer BRC2 experienced classes next year. If your group or region wants to schedule a class, now is the time to do it. As with many of the advanced classes I am interested in taking, they fill fast.

My recommendations for winter survival include staying busy so you don't think about it. Winter sports like skiing or snowshoeing will keep you in shape for riding season. Reading books and articles about riding techniques will give you something to try when spring gets here. Working on your bike will give you more riding time when the weather turns good. Don't forget, attending ABATE meetings and events will keep you connected to all of us like-minded souls enduring the weather.

Until the New Year-have a blessed and happy Christmas. Don't forget why it is a special day in the world. Ride Safe ... 

Klinker, Gary. "Safety Report." ABATE of Wisconsin Newsletter Dec. 2017.

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