Safety Report
By Gary Klinker 

As I promised last month, I have some reports from the new MSF registration system. I will still have to do some analysis but the raw data looks pretty good. After a few years of classes the system also compares this year to last year, much like a financial report. For the 2017 season we trained 138 BRC students and 37 BRC2-experienced students. This compares to 2016 with 108 BRC and 27 BRC2 students. The BRC2 includes 7 License Waiver students who have been riding, but now are licensed. Over all a good year. Thanks to all who enrolled in the classes and a special thanks to our office staff Nancy and Marlene, who worked through the changeover to the new MSF Rider Enrollment System. I want to also thank all of our Rider Coaches for their hard work.

I have some good news for any of you who, like me enjoy motorcycle flat track racing. As a young novice motorcyclist I spent many hours hanging around our local bike shop at night watching racers work on flat track and ice racing bikes. On weekends a group of us would ride to tracks around Wisconsin to watch our local heroes Fred and Larry Pettis, Steve McNeely and Butch Fox race. Their completion usually included current motorcycle dealers Mark Muth, Bobby Donahue and Art Mischler. Many of these rides were on my first bike, a Bridgestone 100cc.

While flipping through the TV listings a few weeks ago I saw motorcycle racing listed. This has usually meant motocross, which I don't have much interest in. To my surprise it was flat track racing. Thursday night at 9pm on the NBC Sports Network the American Flat Track series in broadcast. They broadcast the races from all of the tracks around the country, with highlights of heat races and flag to flag of the finals in both the Singles and Twins classes. The really cool thing about this series is the large number of manufacturers that are involved. With the new Indian company building a race bike, the age old rivalry between H-D and Indian is once again going hot and heavy. Yamaha, Kawasaki, Honda Ducati, KTM, and Suzuki are also on the track. The Vintage class is also run at selected tracks.

There are several female riders, including Shayna Texter, who until a few weeks ago was leading the points in the Singles class. The complete schedule, results and point standings can be found on the series web site: . If you are interested I think you will enjoy watching the races and following the web page.

The fantastic fall riding season is here. The H-D Tomahawk Rally, the BMW Dells Rally, and the BMW MOA Getaway in Tomah all took place in September. These groups all know that Wisconsin is one of the best places in the country to ride. I am once again working to check out Bonus Locations for the 2018 Bonzai Rally next Memorial Day. It gives us a lot of riding and destinations to use an excuse to go riding-as if we needed an excuse.

The Wisconsin deer bow season has started so be careful out there. The deer are moving. Enjoy the fall riding, and I'll see you in Green Bay for the State Meeting.

Ride Safe ... 

Klinker, Gary. "Safety Report." ABATE of Wisconsin Newsletter Oct. 2017.

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