Treasury Report
By Laurie Thompson 

Do you ever wonder why you got the volunteer gene? I often ask myself this, especially when I'm struggling to fit it all in ... and then one day something happens and all is right in the world again.

Calling the winners of the cash raffle is by far the most fun I have as state treasurer. Each year, I get to call the winners and tell them what they've won, and hear what they plan to do with it ... some had unexpected bills come up or maybe they are just taking it to the casino - this year the grand prize winner thought her friend that sold her the ticket had played a joke on her and must have asked me five times if I was kidding. She was so appreciative as her daughter was getting married the next weekend and she could use the money for the wedding expenses.. the seller of the ticket is getting married later this summer and is using her winnings to help with her own wedding expenses! I couldn't help but smile and laugh, and I hope this little blip makes you smile as well. Often times, the treasurer position may seem like a thankless job, I sure got my thanks that day and I want you all to know how much I appreciate you and your hard work to keep this organization running in tip top shape!

Special thanks to all the regions who sold advance summer hummer tickets and also the tickets for the cash raffle, region 2C and region 4C went above and beyond in their cash raffle ticket sales -- way to go!

June was a light month as far as treasury goes, but Region 1F and Region 2F had event profits to send in larger donations to the state treasury, thank you to all the members who helped raise this money!

The Board of Directors cash raffle is in full swing, so don't be surprised when you see them coming. Please be gentle on them as I know most are used to being on the other end of ticket sales ... 300 tickets will be sold for $20 each and the prize will be 10 payouts of $300 each. All winners will be drawn at the Annual Meeting on October 8, 2017.

One item of business this month ... Please remember as your summer long poker runs wrap up and you are using the end party as your one region designated event for the year, make sure to plan ahead. If your sustaining membership for the MRF is due in February, but you hold your one region designated event in September, pay your membership early. You have one event per year to decide as a region where the profit goes: any ABATE internal division (Dan Frantz fund, Share the Road, Officer's Training expenses, etc..), an outside organization (MRF, local food pantry, veteran's organization, etc ... ), or an individual. You can give to multiple divisions, organizations, or individuals but it can only be from ONE event per year. As always, please reach out with questions.

Have a great month!

Thompson, Laurie. "Treasury Report." ABATE of Wisconsin Newsletter Aug. 2017.

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