Treasury Report
By Laurie Thompson 

SUMMER ... HUMMER ... I can't believe it's almost here! We are still looking for volunteers to help with bar chip sales, miscellaneous raffle ticket sales and coffee sales. Please contact me if you are interested in helping. It takes quite a few people to make this party run smoothly and it's only a month away!

Did you miss out on picking up Summer Hummer cash raffle tickets? Don't worry, we still have plenty to go around -- Please contact me and we will arrange for a supply to be delivered. Each package contains 125 tickets (stapled in books of five) and should be requested from the State Treasurer, not the State Office. Sold and unsold tickets will also be sent to the State Treasurer by June 10, 2017 or turned in at the Summer Hummer BEFORE the drawing on June 17 (9pm). Tickets are $5 each or a book of 5 for $20. Grand Prize is $5,000, 1st prize $2,500, 2nd prize $1,500, 3rd prize $1,000. Need not be present to win; winners are responsible for taxes.

Stay tuned on a new raffle that will begin on/after the Summer Hummer this year, limited number of tickets and a small group of sellers!

We are always looking for new ideas so don't be shy if you have ideas for a raffle or fundraiser. Thank you Region 1A and 2E for your recent over the top donation to the state -- great job!!

Hopefully this warm weather is here to stay now -- great time to get out and sell summer cash raffle tickets!

Thompson, Laurie. "Treasury Report." ABATE of Wisconsin Newsletter May. 2017.

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