Treasurer's Report
By Laurie Thompson 

It's never too early to start planning for Officer's Training! It will be here before you know it ... please try and attend, this is especially important to the newer treasurers out there. The date is February 9-11, 2018 and it will be held at the Hotel Mead in Wisconsin Rapids. A lot of questions can be answered at this training and it's also a great place to network and gain new ideas that can be taken back to your region. Some treasury items are hard to understand the first year or two in the position and I am more than happy to sit down with you individually. Schedules are very hard to coordinate outside of this weekend which makes this is a great place to meet! I hope to see all of you there -- whether you have been a treasurer for one month or ten years.. again -- please try to attend. I have forgotten what some of you look like ... (The State Office will be mailing Officer Training Info out to the regional reps in late October or early November.)

Now that the summer long poker runs have ended, please remember that your event reports are due 45 days after your event has taken place. You should do your best to get the profits to the state in the same timeframe, I know sometimes there are outstanding bills that need to get paid but even if you need to send a portion of your profits in, that keeps the finance committee in the loop on why your checking account is still over the $300 limit.

I see that a lot of banks are starting to charge a fee for the region checking accounts. Mostly this is due to the low dollar amount that is kept in the account on a monthly basis. If you need me to reach out to your local branch to try and negotiate this charge, please let me know. I have noticed more regions going to credit unions to eliminate that monthly fee as well. I have gotten one bank in particular to link our region accounts and waive the monthly fee, contact me to discuss further; maybe there is a branch near you!

THANK YOU to all the board members for stepping up and raising money for the state! The BOD cash raffle drawing will be held at the annual meeting on October 8. 10 payouts of $300 each!

The ABATE of WI Sweetheart raffle tickets will also be available at the annual meeting for purchase or check out to your region. Tickets are 2/$5, prize payouts 1st $1000, 2nd $500, 3rd $250. Drawing will be February 11, 2018 at the Hotel Mead in Wisconsin Rapids.

Do you know of a business, organization, or member who would like to show extra support for ABATE of Wisconsin? We have revamped the ABATE of WI Supporter listing for 2018 and opened it up to more than just businesses. Take a look at it on page 12 of this issue and pass the word along to others.

Please reach out with questions and have a great month!

Thompson, Laurie. "Treasurer's Report." ABATE of Wisconsin Newsletter Oct. 2017.

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