You'all Keep in Touch, Ya Hear?
By Dave Twit Linberg 

See that honest face in my picture? Do you trust me? You should because for many years now I have been the keeper of your information and it's a job I take very seriously. No person, organization, or business will ever get the information we have in our membership files (names, addresses, phone numbers, email addresses). That information is only for the internal use of ABATE of Wisconsin, Inc. We use it to make sure that you get everything that your membership entitles you to: your membership patch, yearly pins/rockers, your newsletter, and any mailings/information specific to your region. That is the only things it's used for: period.

We need your help to keep it current. For Life Members and Associate Life members this is doubly important because you don't get renewal notices and so you don't get that opportunity to update your information with us. Please let us know when there are any changes so we can update the files as needed. If you have moved in the last year or killed your land line phone and now have a cell phone number please let us know. The easiest way to update the information is to just email the changes to the state office and we will update the information in your membership entry. Thanks!

Like all other membership information the ABATE of Wisconsin Email Alert System does not share or sell your email address information with any individual, group, or business. Your address is secure with us. If you or your members have not yet signed up for the ABATE of Wisconsin Email Alert System, now is the time. Sign up at

Get the latest ABATE news instantly on your computer! ABATE Event and General Information. This list will be used to broadcast information about ABATE of Wisconsin State Events, promotions, ABATE product updates, discounts, and other things of interest to our membership and the motorcycle world. Content will be edited with the same eye to the interest of our membership as our Newsletter: only motorcycle events and issues, no spam. The Update Profile/Email Address will be included at the bottom of every Email Alert we send you. You may change your preferences at any time.

Facebook - ABATE of Wisconsin Inc our official presence on Facebook (to find the page search for ABATE of Wisconsin Inc). We never identify members without specific permission, and we don't tag members or allow tagging on this page. Our ABATE of Wisconsin Inc Facebook page is a great way to keep up with us for fast breaking issues. We also put together an event page off this account for all ABATEW of Wisconsin State Events.

A few ABATE of Wisconsin Regions and Districts have also developed Facebook pages. If your region/district is considering this step it is important to remember that any page not officially endorsed/approved by the ABATE of Wisconsin Board of Directors must carry a clear and visible statement that it is NOT an official publication of ABATE of Wisconsin. It is suggested that you also provide a link to the official ABATE of Wisconsin web document which is the page at . If you have questions about this, please contact Marlene a .

Telephone Number - all members are reminded that ALL membership information gathered by ABATE of Wisconsin is only used for ABATE of Wisconsin business. Please include or update your telephone number (ground or cell) when you renew your membership. Many regions maintain a phone-tree that is used to alert members to important news and legislative alerts. Your phone number (or other information) will not be shared with anyone outside of ABATE of Wisconsin.

As the communication world changes (seems like that happens daily) ABATE of Wisconsin is doing our best to keep up with the opportunities to increase getting the word out quickly. We thank you for your membership and we thank you for your help in keeping your contact information up to date.

Replacement Triangle Patch, pins, and rockers. The most popular question that the ABATE of Wisconsin gets (so I try to repeat it from time to time) is how do you get a replacement or duplicate ABATE membership patch (the triangle), year pins or rockers? The answer is simple--and it's also on the back page of every newsletter (right under the change of address.) You can get any of them at a cost of $2.50 each which includes sales tax and shipping to you. Just send the state office the payment and a list of what you need and the office will send them right out.

Linberg, Dave Twit. "You'all Keep in Touch, Ya Hear?." ABATE of Wisconsin Newsletter Oct. 2017.

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