Going to Iowa's Freedom Rally? LOOK for Your Membership Card Now!
By Dave Twit Linberg 

Why am I promoting ABATE of Iowa's Freedom Rally here instead of our own Summer Hummer? Because every year it seems we get more and more last minute "emergency" requests for a duplicate membership card for people who need their card for the gate discount at the Freedom Rally. If you plan on going to the Freedom Rally LOOK for your card now, or RENEW now if you're membership will expire before June 29. Make it easy on your self and for us. Rumor has it, that some of the members of Region 8A are planning on selling ABATE of WI memberships at the gate in Iowa (With ABATE of Iowa's permission.) Thank you Region 8A! If you're going to the Freedom Rally and you'd be willing to help them out with this, look at the Region 8A report and give one of the officers a call for more details.

When it comes to the gate at the Summer Hummer, you'll need your membership card there too ... or you can renew early at the gate and still get the membership price if you can't find your card. Renewing early is not a problem, you'll get a full year from your regular expiration date.

A couple of other things to keep you up to speed with your membership ... When you call the number listed for me on this newsletter it goes to our home phone number. I'm more than willing to take those calls and help with any membership problems you might be having, but the point here is that I'm not always going to be able to give you and instant answer - but I will take care of it and get back to you. The phone number is at my home, but the membership files are at the office, so any problems won't get fixed until I'm at the office.

The other thing we're seeing is that each month we get a few people calling the State Office wanting to renew their membership with a credit card over the phone. At this time, we're not set up to process those requests over the phone. If you want to use a credit card you need to go through the Join Now link on the webpage - the Join Now link is also where you renew, it's not just for new memberships.

Linberg, Dave Twit. "Going to Iowa's Freedom Rally? LOOK for Your Membership Card Now!." ABATE of Wisconsin Newsletter May. 2017.

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