Thank You for a Great 2017
By Dave Twit Linberg 

Watch this newsletter for some new membership promotions in the very near future. The Board and State Officers did some brainstorming at the recent Executive Training for membership ideas. We're working the kinks out of a couple of them and will be announcing them in time for Officers' Training.

Speaking of Officers' Training, does your region have a membership officer? This person works with the other regional officers and members in ways that both recruit new members and retain existing members. One of the main things is to make new folks feel welcome at your meetings and events. Another important part is that quarterly, the state office sends regions a list of new members in your counties as well as members in your counties that have recently let their membership expire. We are finding that a local contact helps make new folks get involved and can also be very effective at getting folks that have let their membership lapse to renew.

If you sell or accept a membership to mail into the state office: while the person is still there with you, PLEASE make sure that it's readable and complete! Another thing to watch for is that some of our newer tri-folds (membership brochures) were printed on paper that allows (causes?) the some inks to smear. Please watch for this, and do what you can to make it readable. Test the trifolds you have with various ink pens and make sure you have a pen with you that will play well with the paper.

All-in-all, 2017 was a good year for our membership numbers - and a big thank you to all of you who had a part in that. From the simple action of keeping your own membership current, to those of you who actively recruited members or worked an information booth at an event ... or worked the actual event allowing others to see that an ABATE of Wisconsin membership has value in many ways. Everyone one of those is an important part of the big picture. So thank you for a good 2017 ... and working together we can all set a goal of making 2018 an even stronger year for ABATE of Wisconsin membership numbers - ABATE of WI is a team sport and we have one hell of a team. Thank you!

Linberg, Dave Twit. "Thank You for a Great 2017." ABATE of Wisconsin Newsletter Dec. 2017.

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