Wow! Thank You!
By Dave Twit Linberg 

Before I say anything else - THANK YOU to three very hard working and dedicated members from Region 8A: Kim Chandler, Robert Kernen and Dennis Jentz. The travelled to ABATE of Iowa's Freedom Rally this month - and I'm sure they had a good time ... but they also spent a good part of the first two days of the event sitting at the front gate selling ABATE of Wisconsin memberships. And sell they did! 31 new individual memberships from Wisconsin ... and what really surprised me was 16 individual memberships from other states. Then they topped these off with 7 couple's memberships from Wisconsin, and 2 couples from other states (and a single and a couple's renewal to finish off the lot. Thank You! And welcome to all the members they signed up! We're very happy to have you as part of the ABATE of Wisconsin family.

I would be remiss to not also thank our good neighbors ABATE of Iowa for letting our members set up at their gate. We have done this before (many years back) but it takes members who are willing to cut into their fun time to do it. If you're interested in helping with this next year - contact Region 8A and they'll fill you in on the details.

I'd also like to thank the members who did a great job selling memberships at the gate of our own party The Summer Hummer. Thursday and Friday, only two people went through the gate without a membership (we don't check on Saturday because everyone is the same price for one day - but they still offered to sell a membership to everyone who came in on Saturday.)

With all these new members coming in: Do you generally like people and have a gift for gab?

No, you don't have to "like everyone" some people make that impossible to do. What we're looking for here are ABATE of Wisconsin members that have been around a while: long enough where they understand the basics of ABATE of Wisconsin membership. They know their local region and area pretty well, and have a good grasp of who to ask if they get a question about ABATE of Wisconsin that they can't answer themselves.

To go along with this, they need the ability to easily talk to people, to start a cold conversation in a friendly manner, and a little bit of extra time in their lives to devote to working with newish ABATE of Wisconsin members helping them to understand this organization and helping them to feel welcome and part of the ABATE Family.

Is this you? If not you, is it someone you know in your region that would be great at it and would maybe consider it if you took the time and effort to tell them that they'd be good at it and urge them to take it on?

Some of our regions have already identified a member like this and have put them into the Regional Membership Officer role. What I'm doing here is encouraging more regions to fill the Membership Officer position with good people that would be good at the job and have the time to do it right. In short, we're looking for mentors for new members--why? Because a member that feels welcome and like they belong not only gets more out of their membership, they also tend to stick around the organization for the long haul and become more active in regional and other activities. It's a win for the member, a win for the region, and a win for the organization as a whole.

Linberg, Dave Twit. "Wow! Thank You!." ABATE of Wisconsin Newsletter Aug. 2017.

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