What a Great Officers' Training Last Month!
By Dave Twit Linberg 

Over 140 ABATE of Wisconsin member/officers gave up all or part of their weekend to come to Wisconsin Rapids to listen, learn, and share rules and hints for keeping ABATE of Wisconsin strong and effective. Thank you!

There is always so much information to share -- some of the details get lost in the volume so Membership Wise, I'm going to share the FAQ's here:

Most Frequent Questions ... 

1) How can I get another membership patch (triangle), or pin, or rocker? Replacement or duplicate patches, pins, or rockers are available to members at the ABATE State Office. Cost is $2.50 each which includes sales tax and postage back to you. Just send payment, your name, and a list of what you need to the State Office and we'll mail them right out to you.

2) I lost my membership card, how can I get a replacement? Just call or email our State Office ( ) and we'll send you a replacement card at no charge.

3) Why isn't my membership expiration date on my newsletter label anymore? Grrrrrr, I really wish we could fix this. But the truth is that the company that prints our newsletter tells us that with the labeling program that needs to be used now we do not have room to include the expiration date. The date is on your membership card and this nicely leads to my next question ... 

4) Will you tell me when it's time to renew? Yes we will. All memberships expire at the end of a month. During the first week of the month that your membership expires we will send you a postcard reminding you to renew. But you can renew at any time (see #5 below)

5) What happens if you renew early? You still get a full year. For example, if your membership is due to expire on July 31, 2017 and you renew early in March ... we will simply extend your membership to a new expiration date of July 31, 2018.

6) Why did I stop getting my newsletter? If this happens, there is something wrong with the address we have for you ... or human error reared up and entered you wrong in the membership data file. Don't just sit there and stew about it. Let us know so we can figure out what's wrong and get it fixed. If you move, you need to inform us of your new address. The most common other problem that we find is that someone's fat fingers may have typed in the wrong expiration date for you and the computer that kicks out the labels thinks you're expired.

Above all, if there is a problem with a membership, please let us know! We'll get it fixed!

Linberg, Dave Twit. "What a Great Officers' Training Last Month!." ABATE of Wisconsin Newsletter Mar. 2017.

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