Public Relations

Public Relations Report
By Kari Kempka 

Hey everyone! I gotta tell ya, last month just gave me such warm and fuzzies! The awareness rallies, the events, the weather ... ah, the life! But last month? Last month I was a busy busy girl! I participated in awareness rallies, sent 4 Press Releases out for Awareness Month, sent so many emails and called so many numbers to track down reporters I have blisters on my fingers, and I got to attend my most favorite event of all time; the Roadrunners MC Bike Blessing in Oak Creek. Not only do I get to see friends and family I don't normally get to see on our off (non-riding) season, but that event has always meant that summer was here and we can FINALLY get out there ... a lot! It was a great event and ABATE was well represented (thank you Rebel and Region 1A for your amazing marketing at this enormous event! You guys did an awesome job!) I hope you all got out to one thing or another last month and are looking forward to the awesome summer ahead!

My plans, besides getting on the bike as often as I can, are to keep this Public Relations momentum going! As I mentioned, I reached out to SEVERAL media outlets and I am happy to report that I have made some great contacts so hopefully more to come on that soon. In the meantime, I wanted to let you all know that I have forgotten about creating the canned statement that we talked about at Officer's Training this year. It's definitely in my "to do" pile and I continue to work on it so I can get it out to our regions ASAP! Sorry for the delay!

My other plans for the months ahead? I'm so glad you asked. This is where I get to brag a little so please forgive me if I start to gush! So ... Region 1G, which is my home Region, got a new Area Rep not too long ago who's really making things happen and isn't too bad on the eyes either (wink wink). So I wanted to let you guys know that Region 1G in Ozaukee County, is holding the very first ever Ozaukee County Bike Night at the Road House in Cedarburg. Bike night will be every Tuesday from June 6th through August 29th. Feel free to contact my hubby Dave ( ) with any questions. So proud of him and so excited for our Region to get more bikers out to ABATE events! Hope to see you there too! What does that have to do with Public Relations? Again, so glad you asked!

Region 1G is a smaller region with very few active members for whatever reason that may be. One of Dave's goals as Area Rep is to grow our region. Try as we may in meeting techniques, giving away free stuff or just the promise of being a really fun group, we don't get a lot of folks out to our meetings. Maybe you have the same experiences. So we thought, why not have an event of some kind to draw people in? SO many times I hear people say "ABATE is a grassroots lobby group not a social group" and I am going to have to tell you I whole heartedly disagree! Yes, our focus is on legislative issues and that's our foundation as an organization but we're also bikers and we like to have fun and hang with like-minded individuals. So the hubby thought through socialization (i.e. Ozaukee County ABATE Bike Night) we will grow the region which will in turn grow the organization! It's a perfect Public Relations strategy and I can't wait to use this opportunity to meet as many people as I can and get them signed up as members! My point is this, we always talk about how everyone is Public Relations, everyone is Marketing, everyone is Membership but remember to have fun while you're wearing all those hats!

So that's my update for now! I don't want to be one of those long winded article writers who I don't even want to read (though I may be too late ... sorry about making it so long)! I'm just so psyched for all the great things going on and couldn't wait to share all the updates of May and the months ahead! Hope all is well in your regions! Hope we cross paths this summer! Until then, be safe and have a blast!

Kempka, Kari. "Public Relations Report." ABATE of Wisconsin Newsletter Jun. 2017.

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