Public Relations

Public Relations Report
By Kari Kempka 

Happy February ABATE Family! This is, by far, my most favorite month out of all ABATE months for SO many reasons! First, this month I celebrate my 1 year anniversary as the PR Director. I still don't know where that year went but what a year it was! I learned so many things and cannot tell you how many people I have met; friends I have made. The year went by so fast I don't feel like I had to do the time to get all my goals accomplished but year number two is here and I'm excited to jump in! I have many new goals for my second year and can't wait to kick that off at our Officer's training this month!

Which is another reason why I love February in ABATE. Officer's training in 2016 is what actually inspired me to take on this amazing opportunity! I sat in the training listening to all the officers and board members talking about where we have been as an organization, what we have accomplished and where we are going next. I could barely sit still and couldn't wait to do more and well ... here we are! It really does get ABATE pumping through your veins and reenergizes you to dig even deeper in your efforts for the coming year. If you're heading to the training, please make sure you find me and say hello! I'll be the one talking about PR; most likely wearing black! Haha!

And speaking of excitement ... have you heard that Lobby Day is this month? I'm joking, of course you have heard that because our awesome Legislative Director Steve Panten has been "getting loud" about it for months and he wants all our members to do the same! Getting loud doesn't mean making sure we have the loudest pipes (though my hubby would disagree with that), or having the loudest voice or being able to talk over everyone. It means that we create a presence, lending our voice to the rights of motorcyclists. WE speak up, share our feelings and perspectives on the issues that impact motorcyclists in this amazing state we all live in and let our views be known; in other words ... Getting Loud! And that's what I'm going to be doing with my friend Steve and hundreds of my fellow bikers on February 23rd! Are you going? It's not too late and you are more than welcome!

So there it is; my February--ABATE Style! It's a crazy, CRAZY busy month that I will be wrapping up at the Riding Out the Winter Party!! I am SO excited for all that I get to do this month and for the rest of 2017. Thank you all for making my first year as your Public Relations Director one of the happiest and best year's as an ABATE member! I love you all and hope to see you soon! Until then, don't forget to get loud ... your legislators can hear you on the phone too if you aren't able to make it on the 23rd!

Kempka, Kari. "Public Relations Report." ABATE of Wisconsin Newsletter Feb. 2017.

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