Public Relations

Public Relations Report
By Kari Kempka 

Hello ABATE family! I hope you are all still sane after these many months of winter; we're almost there! The warm weather is just around the corner and we'll all be hitting the road on 2 wheels before you know it! Me ... I'm feeling pretty warm from last month and the amount of ABATE love I got to take part in! February was a nutso-crazy month and it seemed like there was ALWAYS something going on ... most days all I wanted to do was sit but there was one thing or another going on! But the month was also filled with some amazing times and a really great reminder of why I am an ABATE member!

On February 10th through the 12th, I headed up to Wisconsin Rapids with my New Area Rep Hubby Dave for Officer's Training. Walking into an ABATE function always feels like coming home and the officers' training wasn't any different. Loved hanging out with so many awesome members and learning even more about ABATE of Wisconsin Inc ... cuz you should never stop learning right? I also tried my hand at a breakout session and that seemed to go pretty well! Overall, the weekend was filled with a bunch of people who came together because they want to make a difference for motorcyclists across our state!

Then there is Lobby Day! This was my 4th year going and each year just gets better and better! To see hundreds of bikers at the Capital; talking to legislators and letting their voices be heard ... talk about the warm and fuzzies! After all, that's what ABATE is all about; protecting our freedoms as riders. We have come so far since the anti-helmet rallies in the 70's. There is so much more at stake these days and I am proud to be a part of an organization that not only recognizes that but also keeps their members informed and prepares them to speak to the issues with their legislators on Lobby Day and at times that a "call to action" is needed. If you missed Lobby Day this year, you definitely have to join us next year; you won't regret it!

The final warm and fuzzy ABATE moment was of course Milwaukee's own Ridin Out the Winter Party. Man what a party that is! Serb Hall is packed with bikers both near and far and it becomes like a reunion! I saw so many people that I haven't seen since we put the biker down for a long winter nap! As I said before, walking into an ABATE event/function is truly like coming home. It's a feeling that I can't describe but one that I cherish! I hope you were able to make it out to some of the awesome things that ABATE had last month or will be heading out to something ABATE this month. It was so great seeing so many of you and meeting those I haven't had a chance to meet yet. I'm looking forward to spring and seeing so many of you out on the road! Until then, stay warm and watch for ABATE events near you!

Kempka, Kari. "Public Relations Report." ABATE of Wisconsin Newsletter Mar. 2017.

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