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Posted: July 1, 2015

Call to Action
By Steve Panten, ABATE of Wisconsin Legislative Chairman

In Wisconsin there is proposed legislation removing the drivers-awareness-training portion of the penalty phase required when a driver violates the ROW of another where no injury occurred. 2005 Wisconsin Act 466 requires all persons convicted under state statute 346.18 to attend a drivers awareness class.

ABATE of Wisconsin feels that the training requirement is essential in creating safer roads in Wisconsin. In cases where no injury or death occur, the drivers are required to attend the class but there is no penalty for not complying. In cases where there is injury or death, course completion is a requirement to have a drivers license reinstated. During the drafting process for 2005 Act 466 and 2012 Act 173 ABATE worked with the DOT and Wisconsin State Courts to ensure that all parties were comfortable with the language and content. ABATE feels that having the requirement for non-injury crashes is valuable to encourage drivers to gain knowledge about driving patterns thereby hopefully preventing future, more severe incidents.

ABATE is asking you to contact your State Legislators and ask them to NOT support LRB 1690. Drivers training is essential to creating safer roads and encouraging ROW violators to attend a training course to improve skills is a valuable tool.

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