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Posted: October 8, 2015

Enhanced Penalties
By Steve Panten

In Wisconsin there is a bill draft being circulated by Representative Brandtjen that will provide enhanced penalties, including mandatory drivers training for certain traffic violations. The intent of this bill is to include violations not previously considered as right-of-way violations under 2011 AB55. One example included in this bill would provide the same penalties for a driver convicted of causing harm, great bodily harm or death by crossing the center line as a driver who caused the same injury by failing to stop at a stop sign.

ABATE of Wisconsin has been working with Representative Brandtjen and her staff to draft LRB-2816/1 to expand the list of violations that would require completing the safety course designed to educate drivers on Wisconsin's right-of-way laws.

ABATE of Wisconsin is asking you to contact your Legislators and ask them to sign-on as a cosponsor and support LRB-2816/1. This bill will help to ensure that training will be required for drivers who injure another through careless actions.

To find out who represents you in the State Senate and State Assembly and their contact information click on the link here for WHO ARE MY LEGISLATORS.

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