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Posted: January 28, 2016

Black Box LRB4539/1
By Steve Panten


In Wisconsin there is a bill being circulated by Senator Stroebel and Representatives Kremer and Quinn to define who owns the data collected in a vehicles event data recorder (EDR). Event data recorders, commonly known as "black boxes," record technical information about a vehicle's operation. In addition to EDR data, your vehicle also records other information concerning vehicle operation and driving habits via onboard diagnostic and infotainment centers.

ABATE of Wisconsin has been working with Sen. Stroebel and Representatives Kremer and Quinn to draft LRB4539/1 which will define who owns that information and who is granted access to it. This bill prohibits, with certain exceptions, any person from accessing, collecting, or transferring information stored on an EDR installed in a motor vehicle unless the person discloses the intended use of the information and receives the written consent of an owner of the vehicle.

ABATE of Wisconsin is asking you to contact your State Senator and State Representative and request that they sign-on and support LRB4539/1. As EDRs develop in complexity and interactivity, this legislation will ensure that Wisconsin's motorists are sufficiently protected from unauthorized data access and transmission. Please act immediately as there is a very short window for Legislators to sign-on. They must contact Senator Stroebel or Rep. Kremer's office before 4:00 p.m. on Monday, February 1, 2016.

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