ABATE of Wisconsin restricts use of the alert system so that, when we do bug you with a message, it will seem unusual and you can rely on its probably being fairly important. However, if we're abusing the privilege or if you need to stop messages from arriving for whatever reason, please feel free to opt-out.

Note: If you are uncomfortable with the way the alert system is run, if you receive messages from us that are not related to ABATE of Wisconsin business, if you are unable to opt-in or out, or if you don't receive messages that you expect, we ask you to contact the Legislative Committee Chairman . Please give him a chance to discuss your concerns with you and propose solutions to you before you throw up your hands in disgust.

There are two kinds of alerts: eMail and text. You may opt-out of either or both.

eMail Alerts

eMail alerts are broadcast using Constant Contact® , and you must unsubscribe from that company. To opt-out (unsubscribe), please follow the link provided in our eMail to you.

Alternatively you may provide your eMail address in the box and press the Opt-Out button below.

eMail Address 

You will receive a farewell eMail from ABATEWis.org telling you how to update your profile at Constant Contact®.

Text Alerts

To opt-out of text messaging, please text the word "Stop" to 442-333-7601 from your cell phone.

You will receive a farewell text on your cell phone.

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