ABATE Statewide Poker Run
Poker Run Stops

For an online reference to the stops on the poker run this year see:

Get in on the Run!

The annual poker run starts and ends at the ABATE Summer Hummer each year. There's still time to get in. Click Here to get the waiver and entry form. Then mail it to the state office.

Poker Run Updates

Locations may have changed since the book was printed. Help keep the Poker Run current. If you notice problems or changes on the run, please send correction information to news@abatewis.org . Thanks.

$12 Thousand in Prizes

Official rules are printed on the back cover of the 29th Annual Statewide Poker Run 2013-14 booklet and are reproduced here:


  1. Book fee is $10 and you may purchase/present up to five books per person.
  2. A release form must be signed indicating number of books purchased. Please sign and date your book at the time of purchase.
  3. Participants must be 21 years of age or accompanied in a manner which allows them to legally enter the establishments on the poker run.
  4. Books are to be stamped next to the name of the establishment. The stamp should include the establishment's name or a representation of the name. NO SIGNATURES ACCEPTED.
  5. A picture of you and this book in front of an establishment will be accepted if you find they are closed at a time different than listed. (Max six pictures)
  6. Books may be purchased for this poker run from June 2013 until the time of the drawing in June 2014.
  7. The owner of this book is encouraged to draw their own cards. However, if this is not possible, the book may be sent to the drawing with a person of the owner's choice, or the owner may mail the book to the ABATE State Office to have his cards drawn for him.

Qualifying for the Drawing:

  1. This year's book contains 228 stops. All stops will need to be made to be considered a FULL BOOK. All Full Books will be entered into a separate drawing totaling $4,000 (four $1,000 winners) and will also be eligible for all poker hand prizes.
  2. Books must have a minimum of 18 stops stamped to draw a seven card hand. For each additional 15 stops you may discard one card from the original seven and draw a new one, for up to an additional 14 draws.
  3. Drawing a joker from the deck will get you $10 in ABATE Dollars redeemable for ABATE products, memberships, or next year's poker run. The joker will not count as one of your cards drawn for your hand. One joker per person per book. Total of fifty jokers will be awarded ABATE Dollars.
  4. Bonus Drawings are listed at the end of the book.
    1. Rider Training Bonus -- five $50 winners
    2. District Drawing Bonus -- five $50 winners

Poker Hand Prize Structure:

Overall Best Hand Prize - $1,000

1st Runner Up - $750 / 2nd $700 / 3rd $650 / 4th $600 / 5th $550 / 6th $500 / 7th $450 / 8th $400 / 9th $350 / 10th $300 / 11th $250 / 12th $200 / 13th $150 / 14th $100 / 15th $90 / 16th $80 / 17th $70 / 18th $60 / 19th $50 / 20th $40 / 21st $30 / 22nd $25 / 23rd $20 / 24th $20 / 25th $15

Hoyle's rules apply to poker hands.

1099G's will be issued to winners of reportable cash prizes.


Please address questions to the Statewide Poker Run Chair .

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