Region 8F: Sauk County

Regional Rep: Bonney Reynolds

Legislative: Joe Stanek

Secretary: Carol Coates

Meetings: First Sunday of the Month 1:00 pm at Frankie's Bar S 5253 Hwy 113 Baraboo.

Our meeting began with the pledge and a moment of silence for our down brothers and sisters and those who are in harm's way was given. Thank you to all our members that attended this meeting.

Legislative report was given by Joe.

We have a new Membership Rep, Brenda Fox.

Our monthly sign in drawing was Carol Coates, but she was not signed in.

Future meetings will be at Frankie's Bar S5253 Hwy 113 Baraboo. The new year will start 2018 meeting will be January 7th, February 4th, March 4th. March 4th we will have our meeting pm and at 1:30 pm will be our Chili Cook - Off at Frankie's Bar S5253 Hwy 113 Baraboo. Bring your Chili and have some fun.

Happy New Year! Take Care and Stay Warm.