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ABATE of Wisconsin's goal is to give the motorcyclists of Wisconsin a strong, united voice with regard to their future, their way of life, their safety, and their legal rights as motorcyclists and citizens.

Thank you to everybody who took the time to attend ABATE's Lobby Day on March 13. Together we were able to take our message of Education and Awareness to every Legislative office in the Capitol. Freedom is earned and preserved through sacrifice and vigilance. When 500 ABATE members show up at our State Capitol in the middle of the week and when we do not have any freedom robbing bills pending, that is the sacrifice and vigilance that preserves our freedom. That is the reason ABATE of Wisconsin is one of the most successful Motorcyclist Rights Organizations in the country. Your effort and dedication are what makes us powerful and successful.

Legislative Report, (Continued), By Dave Dwyer

Latest Alert:
Ride for a Reason,
By Dave "Chubby" Charlebois, March 20, 2014

Alerts (Continued)

Photo -- Thank you to the members who attended Lobby Day 2014
Thank you to the ABATE of Wisconsin Members who attended Lobby Day 2014.
(Greg Anderson, Capitol Photographer)

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Here is the Preliminary Agenda .

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