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ABATE of Wisconsin's goal is to give the motorcyclists of Wisconsin a strong, united voice with regard to their future, their way of life, their safety, and their legal rights as motorcyclists and citizens.

I'd like to say "Welcome to ABATE of WI," and I'm glad you decided to make a difference for bikers in Wisconsin. It seems to me, for every twenty people we talk to, we may get one to join. Why do you think that is? Although I get head nods and vocal agreement with the things we do, not everyone is willing to join. I've heard all the excuses: I don't have a bike anymore, I don't have enough cash on me, I just don't have time to be involved, and of course (my favorite) the blank stare.

Executive Director's Report, (Continued), By Dave Chubby Charlebois

Latest Alert:
Call to Action,
By Steve Panten, ABATE of Wisconsin Legislative Chairman, July 1, 2015

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Photo -- Thank you to the members who attended Lobby Day 2015
Thank you to the ABATE of Wisconsin Members who attended Lobby Day 2015.
(Greg Anderson, Capitol Photographer)

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