October Issue October 31, 2014 8:30 PM 

ABATE of Wisconsin's goal is to give the motorcyclists of Wisconsin a strong, united voice with regard to their future, their way of life, their safety, and their legal rights as motorcyclists and citizens.

October is normally the beginning of a dismal time for most bikers. Summer is finally over, and it's time to prepare the bike for winter storage and get ready to be nearly homebound until spring. Unless ... you are an ABATE of Wisconsin member. October for us will mean a new Board of Directors, a new Legislative Director for the first time in twenty-some years, a new legislative agenda, and a reunion and celebration of something not so new: ABATE of Wisconsin. We will be celebrating our fortieth anniversary the weekend of Oct 10-12, followed by our Annual meeting and elections. Do you remember the year 1974? Have you always wondered how our organization got started and how it continues to thrive after forty years? Well, wonder no more. Don't put that bike away yet; we have a lot to do this month.

Executive Director Report, (Continued), By Dave Chubby Charlebois

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ABATE of Wisconsin 40th Anniversary Bash and Elections,
By Laurie Thompson, September 13, 2014

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Photo -- Thank you to the members who attended Lobby Day 2014
Thank you to the ABATE of Wisconsin Members who attended Lobby Day 2014.
(Greg Anderson, Capitol Photographer)

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