Emailing Legislators

Prepared and compiled by the ABATE of Wisconsin State Office

Thank you for your interest in our Legislative Alert Email list. You can begin receiving updates on Federal and Wisconsin legislative issues. If at anytime you wish to be removed from our list, just contact the ABATE of Wisconsin State Office at

The majority of the alerts you will receive will ask you to contact your legislators regarding the issue. It is important to remember that email is new to many of the legislative offices, and an email message is only acted upon if the message includes the author's FULL NAME, Postal Mailing Address, and Home Phone Number. The legislative offices use this information to screen for constituents. If you provide this information in your message, you will most often receive an answer to your message by ground mail.

When emailing your legislator, be brief and courteous. Keep your message centered on one issue. Thank them for their attention to the matter, and make sure to include your Name, Address, and Phone number.

You may want to take the time to add the following to your address book now to be ready to act when you receive an alert.

Wisconsin Residents are represented by two Senators in Washington D.C. Therefore, as a Wisconsin resident, you may contact BOTH of the following:

Every Wisconsin resident is represented by ONE Congressman (in the House of Representatives) in Washington D.C. You can determine who your Representative is in the U.S. House by going to Just enter your zip code and State, and this site will link you to your Representative.

To find out who your Wisconsin State Senator and Assembly-person are, go to Tthese are your legislators in Madison, not Washington D.C. Follow the directions at that site to determine the correct email addresses of your Senator or Assembly-person. You may also find out the name of your State Senator and Assembly-person by calling the Wisconsin Legislative Hotline at 1-800-362-9472. Just give the operator your mailing address, and he will be able to tell you whom you need to contact.

If you know the name of your Senator and Assembly-person, the email address will be based on this formula. Where you see XXXXX, delete the X's and type in your Senator or Assembly-person's LAST NAME.

  • For the State Senate the address is:
  • For the State Assembly the address is: