Highway Safety

ABATE of Wisconsin’s Highway Safety committee goal is to lower motorcycle crashes and fatalities in Wisconsin. We feel by promoting awareness, along with education and good decisions within the motorcycle community and other users of the road system we can achieve this goal.

We continue to look at and support awareness materials such as yard signs, billboards, bumper stickers along with other ideas to remind motorists aware of motorcycles on the road. We also work to partner both public groups such as the Wisconsin DOT and private corporations along with other groups to create informational and educational materials raising awareness of motorcycles on the road.

Using the Public Relations of ABATE of Wisconsin along with marketing, efforts will be made to promote awareness along with education and other safety reminders in a timely fashion to all users of the road. We will also encourage that all users of the road to make good decisions, from the beginning to the end of their journey. We will participate in the Motorcycle Safety Advisory Committee, along with other shareholders urging rider education and awareness. We will offer solid input, suggestions and ideas to reduce crashes and fatalities. We will continue to examine the single bike and unendorsed rider fatalities, urging all to ride endorsed and encourage training at convenient and affordable sites. We encourage all riders, to ride within their skill level and abilities following the rules of the road.

We discourage riders to drive impaired using a peer to peer approach, promote the use of Ride Safe programs, attending events with camping and hotels, or the designated driver system.

We also will track crashes as able, making sure proper charges are filed and offer support as allowed along with looking to see if there is any information in reducing crashes.